Gecko Swivel Set 55, 60

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The Gecko swivel hair shear set features convex edges for precision cutting. Includes Washi's Anti-Push Edge to eliminate hair sliding. Experience a natural cutting position. The rotating thumb creates a horizontal cutting action which in turn relieves wrist fatigue. Great for carpel tunnel problems. Lowers the elbow and shoulder position and allows for a flat wrist position while cutting. Set includes a cutting shear in 5.5 or 6.0, 30 Tooth Thinner, Washi Texture Razor, Maintenance Kit and Case.

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All Washi Scissors have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Damage caused by neglect or abuse and shears serviced by unauthorized sharpeners will void your warranty. All service work should be performed by an authorized sharpening company. 
Shear length:
Shear length:
Japanese 440C
Edge work:
Tension adjuster:
Handle style:
Swivel thumb
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Titanium color

3 Reviews

Amy Peters 20th Aug 2021

Double swivel is a win

I bought this set as a present to myself and decided on the double swivel because I’ve been having pain in my hand. I’m so happy with these. No more pain and the freedom of movement is amazing.

Blake Pearson 3rd Feb 2021

Shear set

I was very nervouse to order as I couldnt find too many reviews and I was not able to feel them before since I was buying online, however, I am very glad I just said "full send" and bought them. They're great! I was also pleasantly surprised not only were the shears great the case they came with was very nice quality which i was not expecting since Washi throws it in for free! They also were able to answer all of my questions prior to ordering. I've only had them a short period of time so hopefully I stay as satisfied as I currently am with them!

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