Sharpening Service


At Washi we will service your shears to factory specifications. Our Master technician has been trained in Japan & Korea using the latest sharpening techniques. Service features Washi's Anti Push Edge Work to keep the hair sliding down the blade. Service includes alignment, small repairs such as bumper replacement and balancing of the blades with the proper tension. Sharpening by unauthorized companies will void your Washi lifetime warranty. With 28 years of experience, Washi is a company you can trust.

 * If you are choosing an expedited shipping option and sending more than one shear at the same time for service, please do the following to avoid a duplicate shipping charge:

1. Add to cart 1 sharpening service with the expedited shipping option selected for your first shear

2. Add to cart 1 sharpening service with the free shipping option for the second shear

3. If you have more shears to send, please follow step 2 again. (You only need to pay for expedited shipping option once, for every other shear, please select the free shipping option)

You only need to include one sharpening form for all of your shears.

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18 Reviews

Danielle 30th Oct 2019

Still in love with my scissors

Quick turnaround, great service. Sent them off Tuesday, had them back on Monday. Scissors cutting better than new! Washi customer for life!

Veronica 1st Oct 2019

Purchased my first washi scissors

I am so very happy with my new washi left handed scissors. They cut so smoothly and feel comfortable in my hand. I can't wait to buy more shears from washi. Highly recommend their brand!!!

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