New Gimmick in selling shears

Posted by Marco on 18th Sep 2017

Have you seen the company that is selling the best hair cutting scissors for $149 and they tell you that you never have to sharpen them because for only $39.99 you can send them in and receive a new hair cutting shear. What do you think is going on here? Glad you asked.

 First off the shear your paying $149 for is a Chinese cheapo. The cost of making this hair shear is very inexpensive. So you use it for as long as it last (which is not a long time) and you don't have to get it sharpened because they will send you a replacement for $40.00. Here's the trick. The scissor your getting cost them about $15.00 so your getting a chear shear made from a very cheap steel and they make some more money off you. All your doing is throwing away your money on cheap scissors. Save your hard earned money and buy a high quality tool that will last. A few company's like Washi and others have a very high quality sharpening department. It's worth the money to buy a quality tool and not throw away your good money on CHEAP scissors.