A License to Steal! Buyer beware!

Posted by Marc M. on 5th Jun 2019

Many hairstylists shopping for the best hair cutting shears are being enticed these days by purchasing shears by payment plans. This is helpful BUT buyer beware. One company is selling shears fro … read more

What a swivel can do for you.

Posted by Marc M. on 21st Dec 2018

The main benefit of using a swivel thumb shear is that it allows you to have an open hand or horizontal cutting position that reduces thumb travel. This positively affects your wrist position by keepi … read more

Cast or Forged, Which is better?

Posted by Marc M. on 21st Dec 2018

The two main processes used in shear manufacturing are cast and forged. In the process of making a cast shear, liquid metal is poured into a mold and then allowed to harden. Forged shears are mad … read more

Steel or Steal?

Posted by Marc M. on 30th Oct 2017

So when shopping for new shears, you ask: “Are these Japanese Shears?"The response that you get, may be something along the lines of:"Well they are made from Japanese Steel"The question is how do … read more

New Gimmick in selling shears

Posted by Marco on 18th Sep 2017

Have you seen the company that is selling the best hair cutting scissors for $149 and they tell you that you never have to sharpen them because for only $39.99 you can send them in and receive a new h … read more