What a swivel can do for you.

Posted by Marc M. on 20th Dec 2018

The main benefit of using a swivel thumb shear is that it allows you to have an open hand or horizontal cutting position that reduces thumb travel. This positively affects your wrist position by keeping it in a straight line-meaning that the back of the palm and top of your forearm remain flat, thereby reducing wrist fatigue. It also significatly lowers your elbow and shoulder, allowing you to be in a much more relaxed position while cutting. 

In terms of your career, a swivel shear can reduce the chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and minimize cutting discomfort if you are already experiencing pain caused by this condition. 

There are a few different varieties of swivels to choose from, The offset single swivel being the most common. There's also a single swivel with double finger holes for better alignment of the middle fingers. Additionally, there is a double swivel shear, which is a swivel within a swivel. With this design, the thumb can rotate 360 degrees in two different directions, giving you a greater freedom of movement.