Your Shear Collection

Posted by Ana I. on 26th May 2015


What you should have in your tool belt?

 On average, a professional stylist will have 5 or more hair cutting shears at their fingertips. Although we have come across many that blow that average out of the water. 

But to get you started, here are just a few of the must have tools in your arsenal: 


Main Cutting Shear: This tool is typically 5.5 or 6.0 inches in length and is the go-to scissor for most of your work. This shear will need to be high quality as it will be doing most of the heavy lifting.


Thinning Shear: This shear can vary from 27 to 40 teeth and is used for blending and removing lines.


Texturizing Shear: Varying from 5 to 24 teeth, a texturizing shear is used for removing weight and creating volume. The less teeth, the more aggressive the achieved texture will be. 


Long Shear: This shear is typically 6.0-7.0 inches long and is used for specialized cutting techniques as scissor-over-comb, deep point-cutting, and heavy-duty blunt cutting. 


Narrow Shear: This shear is usually 5.0-5.5 inches long with narrower blades for intricate detail work. 

Backup tool: This tool should be as good as your main cutting tool. A proper backup is a must when you send in your go-to shear in for service.